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Oxygen in a cannister

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Mikay Oxy Boost Qxygen in a cannister


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MikayOxy is used as a supplement to enhance sports performance, recovery and fatigue as well as promote a heightened sense of personal health and well-being.

Mikay Oxy Boost Qxygen in a cannister
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Frequently asked


MikayOxy is 95% Pure Oxygen. MikayOxy can be purchased as a 9L or 18L. The canisters themselves are 200ml for our 9L and 1000ml for our 18L.

Better stamina and increased physical endurance

  • – Quick recovery of muscles
  • – Decreased stress
  • – Used by covid patients
  • – Overindulging and recovery of hangovers
  • – Muscle recovery after heavy exercise
  • – Altitude sickness and low oxygen levels
  • – Very effective for stroke recovery patients
  • – Improves cornea restoration
  • – Improves concentration
  • – Helps shortness of breath
  • – Helps with high blood pressure
  • – Helps with focus and fatigue
  • – Increased lung function
  • – Increases oxygen in blood levelsan answer to this item.

Hold the can in one hand, bring to mouth below nose, exhale and with your finger on the trigger, with your next inhalation, press down on the trigger and take a deep breath. Hold your breath for about 3 seconds to allow for maximum absorption. For max benefit, this process can be repeated 2-5 times.

The amount of inhalations will all depend on the user, some people prefer short breaths of one-second while others prefer deeper inhalations of up to three to four seconds. On average our 9L MikayOxy will provide up to 50 x 1 second inhalations and our 18L MikayOxy will provide up to 400 x 1 second inhalations.

Every cell in the body can only create energy if they have oxygen.
You get the oxygen your cells need from the air you breathe, and your body cells use
the oxygen to get energy from the food you eat. This process is called cellular respiration.
This is very similar to wood burning in a fire. As the wood burns, oxygen is used, carbon
dioxide is produced, and energy is produced and stored chemically for the cell to use later.

During exercise, your muscles are hard at work. Your breathing and heart rate increase,
pulling more oxygen into the bloodstream. As you exercise, the oxygen that reaches your
muscles converts available glucose into ATP, providing your body with the energy it needs
to complete your workout. Oxygen research shows recreational oxygen can help improve
performance, endurance, and recovery in sports. After a few breaths of concentrate-oxygen-
content, you can feel more alert and energetic.

Due to oxygen being virtually weightless at these concentrations, the aerosol can will feel empty as the only weight you will feel is the actual aluminium can itself. There will be no liquid inside the canister as oxygen has been compressed as a gas and not liquid.


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Very knowledgeable about the product range. Having oxygen on the go is not just convenient but it actually adds value

Mikay Oxy Boost Qxygen in a cannister

Fran Engelbrecht

Happy Client

Been vital tool for my cycling, I used it in training and before race days. I noticed a improvement in my breathing and recovery time since I’ve been on the MikayOxy and just an overall always feeling good on the bike. I have cycling friends that use the product and only have good things to say. I’m happy to be ambassador of such amazing product.

Mikay Oxy Boost Qxygen in a cannister

Carlo Engelbrecht

Professional Biker

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